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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mobile Production (On the Moon!!!)

Okay boys and girls! This is the dawn of the new day. :-) I have embarked upon new application that will revolutionize mobile production from this point until the end the time. The name of this app is "beatmaker 2" by a company called Intua. This is -the- most sought-after mobile application for your iPod or iPhone. "Why is this the most sought-after application?" you might ask... This particular application will sample, add effects, track music out, has onboard mobile keyboards, midi import and export, mobile tracking, sequencer, step recorder, 16 touch sensitive pads that are totally customizable when initiating panning, volume, and efx. I'm not going to speak much more. If you are a serious producer and you're on the go alot like myself, this is ideal app for you. This will be my absolute next iTunes app store purchase, bottom line.

P.S. It will never be supported by the Android platform.


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