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Friday, December 18, 2009

Studio Etiquette

Ahight Ahight...
Itz been how long since I last blogged? Too long...

Today's blog is a stab at counter-productivity & a standing ovation for proffessional artists. I feel the need to express my feelings on how to conduct a successful studio session. There are no written rules about recording guidelines -artistwise- out there! so here goes:

#1. Be on time for the session that was booked for you/the session that you booked. Nothing pisses me/any engineer/studio owners/label execs off more than an artist that is late for session after session. Don't expect to get "make up time" at the end of your session. That was your alotted time to record & money that you wasted. Someone else is in the next slot... Get mad at yourself.

#2.Have the meterial that you plan to record memorized. Why do you have to do this same line 37 times? Didn't you write that? Get out of here!?!?! LOL

#3. Use mouthwash. Ever record? The pop gaurd & the mic cover smell like DEAD MEN...

#4. Introduce yourself to, & keep a good repore with the engineer. Don't try tell the man/woman how to do their job, work with them so you can achieve the sound that you desire. If you piss the engineer off... what do you think your final mix is going to sound like? LOL

#5. Keep your distractions down to a minimum. How many people do you actually need in your entourage to record? 5/10/20? Good luck saving money & getting your abum done!

Those are the top 5 off the top of my head... L8r
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