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Thursday, June 04, 2009


How do we, as producers: make what are called "DOPE BEATZ?"

Looping techniques...
Kix,snares, hi hatz need 2 b crispy, & that goes without saying- But remember that the loop iz king...
The loop sux u in. Hypnotizes u. Bringz u back...

When drum machinez started EATING & musicians started losing chart positions... There was this revolution-
There's actual footage of guitarists smashin up the 808. Blah blah blah...
That was good PR for the 808! Think about it. They bought the module-ADVERTISED IT-& displayed so much distaste, that I was like... Hmmm... What iz it...? What does it do?????????????

U can not deny the loop_ Especially the seamless loop. The dopeness is @ modernbeatz when it comes to loopz. I can't get away from their kix & pianos.

From 808z to loopz in your mobile device...
Appz Appz appz...
Supposedly, there's an app for everything, right?
Well- Some app developers(in my opinion)are better than others.
In my journy to find the best beat production application, I find myself VERY dissappointed with Mobile Windows production platforms. WM6.1 platforms can't hold a candle to the iPod/iPhone appz. Yet-I am still a windows mobile faithful supporter- Patiently waiting for windows mobile 7 to drop. Letz compare:
Griff is a great app for piano roll based sequencing. As you can see in the video below, your options are pretty vast & the mixer is great. The thing that I like the most about this app is that I can import my own samples & lay them across the keys.

Griff Promo Movie.

I can't really give a decent opinion on this app. I just downloaded it today. It has this powerful dual synth engine & loopable drumz. All I can recomend is downloading the demo. Click on the picture for a FreeWare version. See for yourself.

I feel kind of bad that I don't have any G1 apps to review. Welp.... I don't own a G1 or an iPhone, but I'm told that the G1 can support any iPhone or windows mobile app... Sooooo, moving right along. Below is the reason why I am -SO DISSAPOINTED- in these primative windows mobile appz. NO REALTIME SAMPLE PADS. Letz go iPHONE now:
Here's a few vidz & colorful screenshotz to get your mouth wartering.

That does it for this blog...
Now, I hear that STEINBERG is dropping a CUBASE app FOR iPHONE ???
Windows Mobile better get their #$%@ together or I'm GHOST.
Friggin CUBASE!!!!!

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