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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hip Hop iz def... (Deaf???)


Hornz: Dah da da dah... Dah daah... Dah daaaaaaaaaah!

Lil' John: OoooH, KAaaaayee!!!

Guess whooz back?
If anybody asks, tell them AKG is the brand.

Them bad boiz iz serious! If u reeeeally want to be able to tweak bass frequencies (Miami style), or monitor the hi/mid/low frequencies of an entire mix-- Try the AKG K 240 MKII.

Serious.But, don't get me wrong... There are madd brandz out there that are offer dope quality, like: "American Audio". They have a model called the "HP700" if the AKG jointz are too expensive.

Careful with these though. They swivel & flip. Too much swivelling in the wrong direction & you've got a shortage. The noise cancellation on these are immaculate.
Heavenly!!! (aaaaAAAAAh!!!!!)

Now... the ear drum... I periodically monitor my DBz(decibal levelz) because I enjoy my music REALLY LOUD.

We're not dealing with dogg wistle frequencies here. Itz unhealthy for the human ear drum to withstand extreme frequencies for long periods of time. Little damage here/Little damage there...

You're on the Doctor's exam table getting the bad news that you're going deaf.

Too late. Turn that crap down every now & then. You don't need to blast your mix to get a bangin' mixdown. Ya digg?
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