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Monday, May 04, 2009

Been a while...

What up.

I've been in the lab.
I'm learning a lot of new thingz.
I'm trying not_ to sound like any other producer as far as production goes.
I gotz some full metal jacketz in the chamber when it comes to recordingz.
I have this urge to really digg into my records. R&B will do that. Street Hip Hop does that.

I figure since twitter & blogging go hand in hand, I need to post up some nu info b 4 another month goes by. My Twitter follow is:
I'm on pretty often I guess I'll use this blog entry to express how important it is 4 a producer 2 b geeky.

Geekz r techy. Producers r techs. Thingz like; operating a smartphone(i.e. iPhone,windows mobile phone, blackberry, treo, G1 etc...) efficiently to sync email accounts & setting up a mobile office/programming an MPC as your master or slave/Setting up a firewire mixer or controller 4 your DAW(fruity loops,protools,garageband) require alot of reading & experimenting. I can't stress this enough... "READ YOUR MANUAL FROM COVER TO COVER BEFORE YOU POWER UP YOUR NEW PIECE OF EQUIPMENT,GEAR, or DEVICE." That way, you have itz brain figured out & your manual transforms into a reference book, when u get stuck on something.
O.K. Back 2 life...

Vinyl is still vinyl. Handz off...
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